Sunday, May 20, 2007

ducks image©Alan Summers 2007

river light-
two girls 'quack compete'
with the ducks

Check out The Lock Inn's own pictures where I was eating a Summer Sunday lunch: The Lock Inn Café

Where in the U.K. is this? Click here!


Roswila said...

Thanks for the link to the photos at the Inn. Such wonderful colors and light.

I like your revision of this haiku. I'd stopped by quickly last night, just before going off line or I'd have left a positive comment then. :-)

Alan Summers said...

Thanks roswila.

The ducks and little girls had great fun, but I thinkt the ducks won this time!

Alison said...

Love the thought of 'river light', that should be a summer kigo if it isn't already.

Alan Summers said...

Hi Alison!

Glad you like 'river light'. I thought if I said more it would actually diminish what people could get from it. There are so many kinds of river light.

You're right, it sounds like a Summer kigo! ;-)