Friday, August 31, 2007

Summer Haiku is closing

It's time for Summer Haiku to come to a close. Sadly I will not be able to host an Autumn Haiku this year, but hope that someone else will volunteer to carry on the tradition!

waving goodbye
to a new friend -
summer's end



Roswila said...

Thanks for all your work on Summer Haiku 2007, Alison! And please pass my email on to whomever does take over for Fall Haiku.

Hyde DP said...

Ros - why not you? - I did it last year - only needs to run for 3 months.

Damien Gabriels said...

Thanks all of you for your contributions ; it was a great pleasure to read your haiku all summer long !

Roswila said...

Wish I could, hyde dp! I just have not got the time. I was just saying to a friend how amazed I am that I'm retired and have more to do in any given day than when I was working. That I think that's because the creative mind expands to fill any vacuum of time. LOL!

WorkingWords100 said...

I'll do it.

Everyone, send emails to:


Art and Poetry said...

I like this its very good!