Tuesday, July 17, 2007



sudden outbreak-
I welcome the cold rain
without a raincoat



Roswila said...

A haiga? A concrete poem? Whatever, it's fun. I'd welcome that cool rain now....

Alan Summers said...

Concrete rain! ;-)

Ah, yes, cool rain, it did its thing for 2 minutes then went away and left a blistering day.

British weather is getting like Melbourne every day isn't it!

I'll try to pass some rain over you, just concentrating on forming a nice dark cloud... ;-)

Pearl said...


Alan Summers said...

Hi Pearl,

I hope clever means it's an okay haiku, rather than a clever attempt at haiku? ;-)

Thanks for comments, always much appreciated.

The rain is a heavy drizzle today again, and causing chaos with the trains in the South West of England.

I have to go to Frome as part of the Frome Festival finale where as a Writer-in-Residence I wrote about one of the shops.

Let's hope I can get there, as anyone even in the U.K. without a car, can easily find themselves unable to go far. ;-)