Monday, July 9, 2007

summer torrent

summer torrent
pigeon at the bird feeder

words & photo © gerald england, 2007

prompted by the "feathered friends" theme at one deep breath


Roswila said...

I look forward to also commenting on this at One Deep Breath. Nice haiga.

Hyde DP said...

hi roswila,

I've got a third one on my new photoblog

Roswila said...

I visited and that photo gave me goosebumps. Looks so much like a dream image of mine about a food line at a magic camp... LOL!

Roswila said...

Oy! See my comment to your Sithenah link above this've got me all bollixed, Mr. England!

Hyde DP said...

hi roswila again - I was wondering what was giving you goosebumbs - the link above takes you to the current (daily) page on my photoblog and it isn't intuitive about moving back to previous days' photos. Of course I sent the "permalink" to ODB though they were tardy adding it to the list.

Half the readers of these comments won't know what we're on about but never mind.

Pearl said...

Lovely haiga.

What a great moment to notice.

the heartful blogger said...

Well captured!

Clare said...

Really nice!! Nothing stops pigeons from eating!